Information on Northwestern and Northeastern Ontario’s Population, Aboriginal People, Labour force, Income, Education, Industry and Occupations.

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Dr. Bakhtiar Moazzami has written many expert opinions and has given expert testimony in Ontario courts. He has access to most recent and detailed micro-data and census data on individuals (Francophones, immigrants, visible minorities, Aboriginal, and non-Aboriginal) living and working in Northwestern Ontario, Northeastern Ontario as well as those in Ontario and Canada. Use of detailed data specific to individuals residing in northern communities is one of the important factors distinguishing Dr. Moazzami’s reports from others.

Dr. Moazzami is a Professor of Economics at Lakehead University. He has written numerous reports on the state of Northern Ontario’s economy and its labour market. He has written extensively on labour market trends in Ontario and other Canadian provinces.

Dr. Moazzami

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Dr. Bakhtiar Moazzami has taught Economics and Econometrics at Lakehead University since 1988. He is well known for his analytical research activities particularly related to Northern Ontario. He has written many reports on Northern Ontario’s economic development challenges and opportunities. He was commissioned by the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines to undertake a comprehensive study of Northern Ontario’s economy as a part of the research conducted for the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario. Included in the study were the identification of growing, declining and emerging industrial clusters in the region. Professor Moazzami has also written extensively on Northern Ontario’s Aboriginal peoples and Northern Aboriginal economy. Dr. Moazzami negotiated the Musselwhite agreement between Placer Dome Inc. and five Aboriginal communities in 2001. This time-tested successful agreement is probably the only properly designed and implemented revenue sharing agreement between resource producers and Aboriginal communities in Ontario. Dr. Moazzami’s expertise and influence reaches beyond Lakehead University and Northern Ontario. He has written reports on socio-economic conditions in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Northwest Territories. He has been a regular guest speaker at the University of Waterloo’s Economic Development Program.

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